About me

About me

As a non-traditional student, I worked in the IT field for seven years as a computer support technician for the city of Tacoma in Washington. I supported over two hundred users, which covered five different departments. I learned how to work with multiple bosses and managing sometimes conflicting directives. I served a two-year mission to the greater Los Angeles area. I was involved in weekly service during this time, along with a schedule that meant working from 9:30 am to 9:30 pm every day. Also, I was expected to pay my own way. To accomplish this, I worked as a paperboy and a busser at restaurant during high school, but I could not have done it without my parents help. During this time in California, I learned to take rejection with a smile and developed communication, time-management, and a hard work ethic. Believe it or not, I was shy in high school.

I have been a part of the Computer Science Club for two years. I have been president for this last year. This has been a great experience in learning the various directions that a club can pull you in. We have participated in code competitions, cyber defense competitions, the Big Event, and even working with middle school students about a future in STEM. We partnered with other clubs and organizations for a successful resume building workshop this last spring and we had over 70 students packed into the computer lab. All of this was done on a budget of $0. We did get emergency funding to go to one of the competitions and I like to personally thank Joe Turner for working with us. The other competition we participated in was out of my own personal funds.

My hope for my legacy here at Mansfield is that students feel that they have a voice in what happens here on campus. They can trust the SGA to be open, inclusive, and fair. I hope that it can be said that the departments worked closer with each other and with student clubs. Finally, that during my tenure, the educational experience improved.


I grew up in Los Angeles, while my father was in school. He was in the Air Force, so we soon moved to Germany. After he got out, we ended up in Olympia, WA.

I took the opportunity to come to Mansfield University to further my career. I worked for the city of Tacoma as a technical support technician. I have a two year technical degree in Network Administration and I am currently seeking a double major in Computer Science: Information Systems and Business Administration. I will graduate this next year.

"Accountability, Respect, and Communication are better described with actions, not words."

I grew up as the oldest of six children. I have five sisters. I definitely learned about the difference in communication between the sexes.

I decided to run for office because talking about change doesn't do a whole lot. I live my life by my actions. I want to look back at my experience here at Mansfield and know I gave it my all, in all aspects. I think students should vote for me because I am fully invested in improving this university. I am someone that can lead an intelligent and thought-provoking discussion in meetings. I communicate in a respectful manner and I want input in decision making. I have proven myself as an outstanding student and I have worked hard to improve every project I have been involved with. I will continue to do so. I ask for your vote March 25th.