Full Disclosure

What did I spend on this?

$32 on business cards.

$26 on templates

$5 on website domain name.

Were any SGA resources or student fees used?

Not even a little bit.

Tell me more about the debate?

I was contacted by Zach Rossetti from MUTV. My opponent and I were given three questions ahead of time, the rest were unknown. The videos edits on my site are for length only, by me. I did not have any retakes and did not use any notes during the debate. I don't know if it ever aired on channel 13, as promised.

How did the "Beat the Candidate" contest go?

Great! I met various students from all walks of life. I even invited my opponent's vice-president, who was actively campaigning at the main entrance to the game room, but he turned me down. Good thing he did, I only had two losses (one to an MU basketball player) and one tie.

I reserved the room from 2 to 3 PM, but no one had to leave the room. It was just to ensure no problems.

What did I do on election day?

I did not hand out candy or any other "gifts" for any student's vote. I also did not set up a voting location in Lower Manser and have students log into my or any computer to submit their vote.

I did wake up at 5:00 AM and see that MyMansfield was down. I set a message to CT to get it up and running as soon as possible. I discovered a work-around to get into MyMansfield through the CT Student Help Form. I posted the information on how to do so to the four Mansfield Class of... facebook pages, that hopefully all students are a part of. As of around 9 AM, this was the only way to log in.

I did watch a Mansfield baseball game. They suffered a tough loss, but bounced back to take the second game 8-2. I learned from the Athletic Director that parents bring food to the games, because the school doesn't have enough money to feed them out of our budget.