Main issues

These are some issues that are mentioned when asked by students.

The Flashlight

SGA orginally cut the Flashlight budget, so that no papers could be printed. One of the reasons why was that they didn't do any community service. Considering that students spend a considerable amount of time informing the student body, this is bad reason.

SGA has now graciously given the Flashlight a budget, one that allows printing only half the time (every other week, not weekly). Also, they are only allowed to pay for printing, nothing else.

Students can no longer be paid for the hard work through the year. Participation has dropped since then and a few students have a make up the difference.


The current executive board recieves $34,000 in stipends. $8,000 was added in the last two years to two new positions.

Do you know that that was from an administration that held no election that year?

What checks and balances are there?

How were previous adminstrations able to run the government without payment?

If the government deserves payment, who determines this?


How many people know that there is an election this year?

Do you know when it is?

Do you know how to vote?

Do you know there was a debate?

What has the government done this year? What happened at the SGA meetings?

How easy is it to find the minutes and how quickly are they posted?

If you are involved in an organization that recieves funding, do you know if you have been accepted for next year?


How should the govenment split up student fees?

Who should be allowed to run for office?

Why are only a few groups represented?

Who is under represented? And what is being do to correct this?


Do you know when the last election for the SGA president was? Over three years, at least.

I made sure there was a debate. It will be on MUTV's facebook page and on on channel 13 this Thursday at 5:30 PM and 10:30 PM. Have you seen any advertisment from SGA? Why not?

Who counts the votes? What ties do they have to the present administration?


What groups does SGA work with?

Who gets the most funding?

Are there any ties to certain groups?

Are conflicts of interest advertised?