"Beat the Candidate" - Hall of Fame

The Competition

The "Beat the Candidate" event was successful, all things considering. My opponent's vice president running mate actively campaigned outside the entrance to the game room, but we still had twenty students make it through the gauntlet.

Many clubs and organizations were represented including: the Men's Basketball, Honors Association, Chemistry Club, Quidditch Club, Computer Science Club, Mountie Ambassadors, PRSSA, Phi Beta Lambda, Enactus, Tau Beta Sigma, Phi Beta Sigma, Black Students Union, Domination, Men of Distinguished Excellence, Community Service, Men Against Violence, Men for Progress, PSU, Sister of Sophia, and even SGA.

I'm grateful for those that took the effort to come out and chat. Hopefully, I'll have more chances in the future to meet each and every student face to face.

"You have a better chance at the end of the hour, after my arm turns to jello."

What were the rules? Each person had 40 seconds to make as many baskets as they could. Each shot was worth two points until the last 10 seconds, where they were worth three points. So did I get beat? Yes, I did. Actually, my first two competitors did. They were tough competition, one of them being on our very own men's basketball team. In the second game both of us set the high score on each of our machines. I was edged out by four points both times. I also had one tie.

Joel Miller - Criminal Justice Major - Men's Basketball Team - Junior - Final score: 47-43

Jeremy Allyn - Safety Management - no affiliations - Junior - Final Score: 77-73

Again, thanks to all those who made it out.

I also had one tie to Prerak Patel, he is a hard-working Business student involved in Phi Beta Lamda and Enactus. He is a junior. He had a very respectable score of 53, which again, I tied with. Like I told him, you have to beat me to get your name in bold.